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  • An Ultimate Plunge pool or small swimming pool
    Let your
    dream pool design
    begin right now!
  • A Monaco Plunge Pool
    4.2m Monaco
    Plunge Pool
    for your family
  • A small swimming pool
    Enjoy your
    clean pool

Plunge Pools

Inground Pools

The Ultimate Plunge Pool

Our selection of Fibreglass Plunge pools and Spas could be the perfect match for your garden.

Our top of the range plunge pool is called the Ultimate Plunge pool a great option for any family pool, we have three sizes starting at 4.7metres then 5.5metres and the largest being 6.5metres this fibreglass pool has square corners and a depth of 1.65m a great swimming pool for small yards..

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Lap Pools

for narrow blocks

A 8m fibreglass Lap Pool

Lap Pools great for long narrow spaces with plenty of room to swim

These fibreglass Lap pools has been designed to complement todays modern style and compact living areas ideal for long narrow gardens.

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Small Pools

modern-day living

A small swimming pool to suit any back yard

Back yards are getting smaller and space is limited these small swimming pools are the way to go.

Specifically devised for today’s modern style homes, the Monaco offers the perfect solution for homes with restricted space. Providing generous swimming length and great depth to maximise your swimming area whilst providing enough swim outs to truly entertain.

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